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A Garbage Film

Directed by Dana Gartland

Dana is a British actor, writer, comedian and now amateur environmentalist.


And in her spare time she is also a Mum. Just kidding, she doesn't have any spare time.


But bad jokes aside, WASTED is a passion project, born in part from being a Mum and wondering what kind of world she'll leave behind, given the current rate with which we create and discard items on a daily basis.

She's not a scientist, she's not a professional global ambassador (yet.) She's just a concerned human and sometimes idiot, who knows she can do better.


Wasted is the everyman environmental film. A chance to really examine what one very average individual's monthly waste looks like and how you'd navigate daily life if you had to carry it with you wherever, whenever for a whole month. 


Watch her live it, step by step, pound by pound and learn along the way how simple small choices add up to big - sometimes huge - environmental impacts.


Think 'Supersize Me' for generation waste and then sit back, relax and watch her struggle.

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