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art of darkness: a story of CTE

this is the story of Greg Ploetz

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articles about greg

January 19, 2017

Wife of Texas football legend Greg Ploetz sues NCAA over CTE

Ploetz, who never played in the NFL, was diagnosed with Stage 4 CTE after his death

By Denis Dodd - CBS Sports

May 14, 2014

Greg Ploetz, former Texas football player, dies at age 66

Death comes a year after wife hoped marijuana products could be openly used in treatment

By Terry Frei - The Denver Post

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all art on this website was made by Greg Ploetz. his art will be featured in an exhibition called "FRIDAY NIGHT: LIGHTS OUT" at Fort Works Art in Fort Worth, TX in September 2017. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Concussion Legacy Foundation.
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